Events that bring people closer are worth to join in especially when it comes to marketing, sharing and showcasing. An event can be a perfect place to share new ideas also to get updated.

Every year organizers from Google manages to gather a full bunch of startups in one place allowing them an opportunity to meet, connect, and find new opportunities for business growth. Companies from all around Nepal join the event and try to make most out of it by branding and spreading the words about their company, product or any startup progress they have to show. Some joined for an exemplary showcase of their product or service, while some gathered in the hope to get funding.

A glimpse of the event:

It was joyous to join the event. Verisoft was one of the 250+ startup companies to join Bizfest. We presented our best ideas and were able to talk to 50+ interested customers. We shared information with 50+ related companies also got to know about more than 100 emerging companies. The full-day event was enough to get to know about each other amongst them.