People think that a website is a single component, and building a website means getting everything to get something online and now they can simply view it in browser. But the thing is not that simple. A website is a body made with 3 major parts namely domain, hosting space, and website contents.

Domain name registration

First thing to be considered is domain name. A domain name is something that can represent the purpose of the content of the website. It also creates a link between your company/job and the file you want to get from server for your business. Suppose Sano bazaar is a platform for distribution of different products who imports from different country and distributes in local area or around the country. Then (and more related name can be given), can be the related domain that will represent that business. So getting a website includes getting a domain name first. There are many online service providers that can help you get a good domain name for your business. There are still many different aspects to consider while getting a domain name itself, we will discuss it in separate writing.

Hosting Server

A hosting server is second part of getting a website. Server space means a space from a big computer that is running all the time at some place on earth. It is needed to get a space on always running computer so that whenever you hit your domain, the browser will contact that computer and get the contents you are looking for with that domain.

Again there are different types of servers available. VPS, dedicated, shared etc. You need to find out which one will suite your purpose. Since each kind of server has its purpose and the cost varies vastly from one type to another, one has to pick suitable server very wisely. The commonly used server type is shared. But it also has its own limitations, pros and cons. We will discuss it in separate blog.

Website Contents

The third part of a website is the files that serves your site. A site can be built using various technologies. The most common technology used is WordPress. All the technologies at the end produces only three files (html, css, and javascript) which in combination of images and texts gives the definition and look to your website. A website after development gives you certain files that can be used to put on server.

These files are kept on server using certain tools and applications like cPanel. The domain name points to that server space and to that specific file of the website using name-server address. The name-server binds a domain with the server. Depending upon the need and purpose of the website, various technologies can be used to develop it. The most popular techs are php, laravel framework(php), angular, python and many more.

This is just overview of how this website thing works. There is still wide area to be considered. If you are confused or want to learn more about the process to get you a website, feel free to consult Verisoft Technologies.